HOPE 29:11



Make-Over My Thinking!

A make-over!!!



Except this time it’s for my mindset!

The mind has to undergo transformation in order to change for the better.


I can want better, I can need better, but until I think better, better won’t come.


If I think the same way, I will do the same thing(s).


To change something completely in a good way…


To change something so it can be used in a different way.

To give it another form.

To make more useful.

To change so it can function in a new way.


A remodel, a redesign, a remake!

How will this take place?


By reform.

To improve by removing and correcting faults and misbehavior.

To uninstall bad habits and create new ones!




Change requires sobering up.


This means that one must confront & judge him/herself, assess him/herself, and make sequential and progessive decisions.

Use your measure of faith, your gift and your skillset in Christ Jesus.

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to use them accordingly: if [someone has the gift of] prophecy, [let him speak a new message from God to His people] in proportion to the faith possessed; if service, in the act of serving; or he who teaches, in the act of teaching; or he who encourages, in the act of encouragement; he who gives, with generosity; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy [in caring for others], with cheerfulness.
ROMANS 12:6‭-‬8 AMP

Take this verse and self-administer according to your gifted skillset.

For example, if God has empowered you to fast and pray as a discipline or to speak to yourself (prophecy), or to pray in the Holy Ghost, which builds one’s faith, then do so and expect God to direct your discipline to another level of thinking. Flow with the changes that He speaks. Yield to His changes.

Sometimes, He may cause one to remember something that He already said and from there one can realign their steps or focus.


Start fresh.

Forgive self.

Go with God’s fresh revelations.

If you do not have a discipline, allow God to give you one, then two, then three, then so on.

Disciplines can include…

1. Daily reading and meditation of His Word, (The Bible). A devotional,  such as Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young.

2. A Prayerlife. This time spent with God should be or become Daily, Sacrificial (not based on convenience or exclusively self-led, but based on God’s leading), and Constant.  Learn to pray all types of prayers.  Don’t be limited.

3. Fasting AND Prayer. This discipline can be weekly, daily, monthly and should include God-chosen fasting and a regimen type of fast where you commit time periods of a day or certain days of the week, month and specific times of the year to fast. Fasting with prayer & the Word is more efficient. Always include scripture reading along with confessions or declarations. When you fast, you want results!!!

4. Journaling what God revealed, your lessons, changes, thoughts and understandings.

5. Having an accountability partner who is also disciplined and seeking God in similar ways with true convictions should be a part of your spiritual regimens.

7. Forgive. All day, night, and round the clock. And always forgive yourself & God, if you have anything against Him.





Yes, in a word-heartbeat! 

When you only need to Hear Him…

Because He CAN’T lie…

Because His direction is sure!

Because He CAN’T fail!

Because I can’t afford a wrong decision.

Because I need to step out on a Rock & not on sand!


When you yearn for His will…

When nothing else will do!

Not just any word will work!

A word is instructional.

It is provisional!

It is LIFE!

It only takes 1 word!!

A word that rescue, that will reform, that will restore!


Going, But Are You Growing???

Growing is coming to a place of willful learning through the day in, day out encounters with God. He is always aiming to make us Better. 

Sometimes however we slack and allow our contentment to become satisfaction and then we come to a downward slope in our growth. Even though life is still moving, the increase of using wisdom with every situation, decision and circumstance comes to a noticeable stop.

Some would like to ridicule and criticize those who fail, but fail to realize that humanity Fails Us. Not just in general, but on a personal and/or individual basis. Everything is not redeemable in the same way. And there are areas of our lives where we must have The Divinity taking us into DESTINY. Otherwise, a person is able to say that “he or she achieved it alone, or “on my own.” Hog Wash! Who gave you the talents, the skills and abilities, did you? Your parents? Their parents? Neither! It was God. So He alone gets the credit for things that are in working order, and He needs to be called on way before it is no longer working!

Many do not realize that they are guilty of Going and Going, but never stopping to note any sign of true growth. Growth has much to do with increasing how you are a well-rounded blessing to more and more around you. It is not about climbing a success ladder or achieving paying a mortgage off in itself, but it is about impacting lives and making a mark on the betterment of the lives of others, and not just me and my four.

Growth is not a comfortable place or a place that is simply functioning, but it is a place that pulls on your core areas and says——-“you can’t stay here, you must move to the next level.”

The family that is honest with you is the family that loves you. Sugarcoated lives have bleeding right under the surface and the need lies in God. In order for me to truly Grow, I must learn to Love. And not with the love that we start with when the kids were newborns or when marriage began, but through the issues, there was inward and outward improvement made, and through the things happenings, changes occurred. Growth that makes one expand, flex and that calls for adaptation.

Now there is a place that should harness it all or should I say person. Why? Because there is plenty that looks like love or looks needy but yet it is a time waster, therefore, one can misapply love out of lack of understanding. Love misapplied is an unfortunate norm. The heart is so unstable and switches and changes clothes, temperament and expectation 50 times an hour. So this is where humanity alone is not stable enough. Besides the fact that we don’t know what to do in many situations and try to go about doing things however we think, which is never good enough and end up creating bigger problems than we started out with.

Humanity needs Divinity. I need God. You need God. We need God. To direct this thing called life. We do not want to just have the instruments, but the melody and music which God intended that we should have and enjoy as it all comes forth in complete harmony when He is involved.


Let’s Grow as we Go!

Ground that Tries to Grow Trash

Anger, hurtful memories….the reality that things did not pan out…..the surge of madness that swells up after years or months of giving out the best of your heart. Only to be Rejected.

In hindsight, one may have said to herself (or himself), ‘What wrong did I do?’ or ‘What is it about me that this is happening?’ There are so many questions that one may ask or state in an attempt to rationalize their experience.  I would beckon to this person to reevaluate your part, your involvement & your status before you met the significant other. What was so significant about the other in your eyes? Did you remain true to you? Have you ever remained true to yourself? What exactly did you compromise and why? Any unhealthy patterns? Identify them. Exposure of harmful patterns is a must for change to take place.

Many times we don’t know what our status (and value) is as a single portion or entity. We don’t know what we are made of. We don’t know what’s in our soil and so we connect with someone and attempt to grow, develop or germinate with them when we are not whole ourselves. The heart of every soul is deep. It is of absolute importance to be whole in order to recognize or comprehend wholeness. Fragments can and will appear attractive. But with the weight of life itself, fragments are not enough. There are people who will live off of your vulnerability, lack of understanding, unrealistic expectations and fantasy-mindframes and end up making a very good living for themselves

Yes, a so-called attraction that you aid and abet, whether you are aware of it or not, can turn into usery, degradation and unhealthy dependencies, desires and plainly stated, a bad experience. It can leave you feeling depleted and embarrassed in so many ways: emotionally, socially, mentally, financially and so on.

Wholeness is Green and it is where you want to be! Each leaf on your tree needs to be shining and bold. Invite yourself to step-outside-of-self and take-a-look at your condition. How? Prayer. The Creator knows YOU! He knows what He created. Get close to Him. Open the book (Bible) that you thought was just full of stories and allow your eyes to be opened to the real deal & a real Heal! You want answers? Then, DO NOT walk away from yourself ever again and return with trash and ashes

Self-discover. Park your car. Take up a hobby that you claim there is no time for. Breathe! Ask God to open your eyes so you can begin understanding some “things that are under the radar.” Ask God to send a protective and insightful circle of people to fence around you during this process. And Began the process, finally. Allow life to enter back in. Cuddle up with peace. Become best friends with contentment. If you remain true to you, which is a genuine learning process, you will find joy seeping back into your soul. Don’t rush the process. Get a journal and write your thoughts down so you can look back on the growth. Or voice record your feelings and upload to a Dropbox or digital storage app. 

Mind made up?

It may take some time to be determined. Do what is necessary to get there. If you are ready, make sure to view the Before photo of you.

And check out the After!

Don’t be discouraged! It is possible and On the Way with a determined mindset!

One thing, I love about your After is that not only is your Garden of Eden flawless and alive, but there is a bridge! A bridge means so much. It can even represent healthy instead of scorched. After true wholeness you won’t allow trash to crossover into you. Remember, the heart is like soil, and it produces or births what is poured and planted inside it. Guard your heart and refrain from giving it away until you know what you want and need and who is suitable for you. (Only in the solidified relationship between you & God, will this truth be clarified.) He didn’t just create you, but He created marriage and all relationships. And He did not create relationships to be toxic, but on an individual level, we must do our part to avoid harming others.

Dream Signs, Symbols & Tips: Garments, Attire, Outfits & Clothes

Garments, Attire, Outfits, Uniforms, Clothing….

There are various forms of clothes in dreams and visions. They can be casual everyday, Sunday dress, royal or after 5. Clothes that are being worn can represent the heart, a status, a motive, an anointing, spiritual vocation or calling, a masquerade. Sometimes a person can have on a gray shirt, black shirt, grave or mourning clothes. One can also be finely dressed.

Gray shirts, mainly T-shirts can represent the salvation status of a soul, (person). Gray can mean unsaved, lost or without Jesus. 

A black T-shirt can mean operating outside of God, going one’s own way. It can relate to the soul of a person functioning according to his own personal intellect, mindset, will, plans, thoughts and emotions without any God-fearing guidance or Lordship of God of the whole universe. This is not a good thing.

Royal clothes can represent the splendor of one’s ministry & calling. A person can be operating as an evil person and still have on royal attire or garments. For instance if a person has on a beautiful royal blue jacket but a portiin of its body is connected to a beast, then the identity is including a negative nature that is operating even though this person may masquerade him or herself as a God-fearing person.

A beautiful color suit upon a good-natured individual is a good thing and can represent a specific anointing. 

Many times if you see a man in a tie and dress shirt, or a woman in a suit, this means he or she is a man or woman of God in God’s eyes.

If you see a person wearing translucent or unnaturally bright white attire, it can signify a masquerade, an alternative ego or someone portraying to be good, but is not.

Uniforms can represent spiritual vocations. For example, if you have on a doctor’s suit coat or a nurse uniform God may be showing you that He is using you in the capacity of a natural vocation but in a spiritual manner. A scrub uniform is normally associated with a nurse. 

Well, you may been spiritually endowed with the ability to care for or nurture people. You may have the ability to work in different areas that natural or physical nurses operate in. 

Physical nurses care for the wounded, infected, those who are pregnant, those who are bleeding, or being prepped for surgery, the weak, due to all types of injuries from gunshots, stabs, overworked and even things like dehydration. So spiritually God can use us to nurture, admonish, restore with the gentle spirit of a nurse.


You could be shown in your dreams to be wearing a white coat, except for the fact in the dream you deal with the heads of people…..a spiritual psychologist. 

I pray that this has been helpful to you! ♡

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Moving Forward 

Moving forward means reassessment of activities. Then it is beneficial to have a subtraction party of people, places & things that apply & influences. addition of people based on our understanding of what or who we really need around us.

We may also ask the questions, “What did I really need that I didn’t have? What would have made some great differences?”

It’s not a moment to dwell in regret but to make time count. Wasting time can become common if one does not stay focused. Guard your heart ahead of time by seeing things unfold in your mind. Prepare yourself mentally. Prepare yourself visually. Prepare yourself to Move Forward!

Better results stem through intentional preparation!